Tradition Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a science and art dealing with the maintenance of health and the prevention, alleviation, and cure of disease TCM emphasizes the important balance inside the body. If the important balance has been broke disorder and disease tend to follow, rebuilding balance with different herbs is the TMC’s way to cure disease . In fact, TMC is in an advantageous position to cure disease especially stubborn disease what we have not known enough about.

Li Shizhen
( 1518-1593 A.D.) Ming Dynasty 1368-1644
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   Modern Chinese Medicine : Medicine of Harmony Chinese Herbal Medicine has been considered as an alternative methods to cure for diseases. The reasons Chinese herbal medicine is so popular are because of its emphasis on prevention as a healing method , and it is simply gentler and safer than chemical medications. Chinese herbs can also be taken to reduce the side effects of other medication. Herbal medicine can strengthen the body's immune system while antibiotics weaken the system. Modern Chinese Medicine has been used successfully since 1921 in China to create radiant health and well being. From that time, traditional herb research stepped from herbal lore phase into pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmacological phase. Its outstanding features are quick effectiveness, no dependence, no side effect and toxicity.


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